Our team offers an assistance at the forefront of technology, from audio recording to post-production processes with any type of audiovisual media (TV, Cinema, Radio, Web, etc...).

As an audiodescription specialistRGB Audio provides all the experience and necessary know-how of a team composed of authors, comedians as well as a technical team specialised in this fascinating adventure, guiding the partially-sighted persons in their perception of the audiovisual work, fiction medias or documentaries.

All our audiodescription medias bring our artistic signature : the voices transmit stage feelings and rythm of actions while preserving a certain neutrality such that the audience appreciates entirely the proposed cultural works.

We also realize audio books as well as the recording of audio guides.


RGB Audio offers you different services like the audio recording during television coverage, magazine, documentaries and fiction medias.

Our panel of technical tools, always in phase with the current demand, enable us to ensure the most diversified performances with a great flexibility which is required in specific projects.


RGB Audio provides sound film editors and experimented sound mixers in sound design for the audio decor of your TV or radio advertisings, your TV magazines and your documentaries or fiction medias.

We ensure the monitoring of your post-production process through the editing, the sound effects recording, the post-synchros, the dubbing and final mixing phase.