RGB Audio is born from a shared passion of two sound engineers who, after having acquired a solid technical background during the last few years in one of the most important recording studio of Belgium, have decided to join their knowledge and know-how.

Our experience and skills have been demonstrated on large-scale formats, whether in the context of television productions for national and international channels or in the advertising field and the fiction domain.

We offer an entire service to our clients. Our experimented professionals dedicate their time to satisfy you and lead your projects to the success. Our panel of technical tools is constantly updated in order to respond to the most specific demands.

Far beyond the audio expertise, we are used to ensure the complete management of the projects which are confided to us.

Our daily life is hinged on the study of new projects, the constitution of the teams, the production planning and the budget management.

We have also acquired, along the projects, accurate knowledge in relation with image treatment and synchronisation.